Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VP Debate - First Impressions

My first thought: Palin looks like a kid trying to box with Muhammad Ali.  Its now half an hour into the debate, and Palin looks no more relaxed than she did 30 minutes ago.  That being said, Palin is handling herself fairly well in this debate.  Currently, the discussion has turned to the War in Iraq.  Palin seems to be sticking to the party line: the surge worked, we must stay the course and "it would be a travesty if we quit now in Iraq" because it would constitute a failure not only there but in Afghanistan as well. 

While Senator Biden is certainly coming across as the more experienced politician of the two, I am not convinced that that is a point in his favor.  As Palin keeps mentioning, she is just like the rest of us; her family and issues are most similar to those of the middle class voters that are so often mentioned.  While Palin is the more relatable of the two, for my part, I am enjoying hearing (and watching) Biden debate.  He is confident and while not always honest, certainly presaents an image of honesty and sincerity.  Biden very smoothly avoided Palins barb that he once stated that he would be honored to be on a ticket with McCain.  For her part, Palin likes to mention Obama's "story" - a referance to Gwen Ifill's forethcoming book on Obama?


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