Friday, October 31, 2008

Iran Endorses Obama, Iraq pleads for McCain

While Al Qaeda is demanding the "humiliation" of the Republican party (clearly implying that by electing a Democrat the GOP will be "degraded and defied"), Iraqis - who have seen their lives improve over the five years that the Americans have been repairing their country - are hoping for a McCain victory.

McCain understands that to truly win the War on Terror the United States must ensure the complete reformation of former terrorist strongholds.  In order to do this, America cannot employ solely violent means of expulsion, rather it must pursue the creation of an education system and provide opportunities for intellectual growth in order to expel radical ideologies not simply from the actions of the people, but from their minds and from future generations as well.  While the argument exists that America must focus on the situation at home - be it health care, the economic crisis, or our own school system - this argument ignores the obvious truth that in order to ensure true domestic security, safety overseas must be secured as well.  It is noble to desire a leader such as Obama who promises to provide all the domestic comforts that Americans wish for. However, if this leader is not willing to engage in an active and firm foreign policy that guarantees the safety of those Americans then the validity of his domestic policies are undermined.  If safety abroad is not ensured then safety at home is not either and so, all the comforts of government provided benefits will be for naught because even with their health insurance, free schooling, and extra money, Americans will still be dying (to be blunt).  The federal government's first and primary prerogative must therefore be the assurance of safety from threats both at home and abroad.

It is because they recognize that McCain understands what security means that the Iraqi people would vote for him.  Iraqis look at previous American endeavors and see that for all their altruism, the US, as it did in Afghanistan, always seems to leave to early.  McCain will ensure that the job gets done abroad and will thereby also ensure that domestic reforms can be lasting and productive.

On November 4th a critical decision will be made by all Americans.  Will we elect as the role model for the world a leader who is dedicated to the security and well being of all people and has a lengthy record of sacrificing for others?  Or, will we give power to an individual whose life has been about climbing the ladder of power; who has promised much, but has given little and who has already begun limiting the speech and freedoms of those who oppose him?


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