Friday, June 6, 2008

Politics 2.0

In the 21st century America will see a drastic change in the character of its politicians. In a society obsessed with "progressiveness" as defined by its Hollywood idols, the once great leaders of the most respected nation on in history will soon be viewed as no more than mere celebrities - icons in the culture zoo that the media has built.

Hillary Clinton, for example, was never expected to win the nomination on ability or leadership qualities; she was meant to win because of her gender. Now that she has lost, cries of "sexism" will be heard and the mainstream media will accuse Americans of not being open-minded enough to vote for a woman. In a race as crucial as this one, where the ISSUES are what matters how can we as Americans allow such a crucial matter to be so belittled?

Our politicians have become accustomed to the excuse of "we are only human." Yet, political figures are not meant to be placed on the same scale as the average American for they are intended to be the leaders, chosen to do what is best for the nation while upholding a higher level of integrity and morality.

If America's leaders are allowed to be placed on the level of the average Hollywood celebrity, it should come as no surprise that the U.S. is loosing favor in the eyes of the world. The many nations look at us and see a vast community of people obsessed with themselves as typified by the average politician. The key to winning the support of the global community is not to show them that we are capable of electing a woman or a black man - of being "sophisticated" - but to show them that we are a nation of morals, ethics and responsibility.

To be a leader means to lead, not follow the wealthy, publicity-hungry masses.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

How #2 Becomes #1

Hillary CLinton is not giving up. She is not admitting defeat, nor is she conceding the most coveted prize in American politics to her rival Barack Obama. Clinton's long-awaited withdrawal is merely a political maneuver aimed at saving face while she continues to pursue the Vice Presidential slot on the Democratic ticket.

That's right, I said "continues" - for I refuse to believe that Clinton did not already recognize months ago that she would not be nominated for President. Hillary Clinton, in an act of brilliant political strategy fought hard to prove her necessity; to show the Democratic party that they need her in order to win this November. Hillary has already begun her campaign for VP, a fact that is obvious to anyone her saw or heard her speech last night in which it would have seemed that she was declaring victory rather than defeat.

Yet, Hillary's attempt to achieve VP will soon be brushed aside for it would be political suicide for Obama to grant her that level of closeness to himself. Firstly, Hillary's supporters and Obama's do not and never have sen eye to eye on anything. Obama runs on a platform of change, whereas Mrs. Clinton dredges up bad memories of scandal and political doublespeak. By granting Hillary the VP slot, Obama would effectively cancel out the votes of his own supporters.

Secondly, if Obama truely wants to prove his ability to lead, he will not allow the Clinton dynasty to overshadow his presidency. As she did when her husband was president, Clinton will attempt to interfere in all aspects of the presidency. It would be the first time in history that the president answered to his VP - a fact that Obama recognizes and fears.

It is for these reasons that Obama will not choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate, and it is for these reasons that the Democratic party cannot yet declare itself united, for the battle for power has merely been clouded over but not yet erased from the public eye.

EDIT: I just read this Dick Morris article which basically agrees with me but throws Bill CLinton into the mix.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

US Iraq Deaths At Four Year Low

US military deaths in Iraq are said to have fallen to their lowest monthly level for four years, after about 20 soldiers were reported killed in May.

The figures for Iraqi civilian deaths vary according to different sources, but have also dropped.

Most accounts put them at about 530 - or about half the levels seen in March and April.

Meanwhile, Australia has begun withdrawing its contingent of about 500 combat troops from Iraq.

The pullout honours a pledge made by the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, when he was elected last November.

The Australian troops had been mainly playing what they call an "overwatch" role, assisting Iraqi forces.

Troop 'surge'

The BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad says one reason for the reduction in US military deaths was the ceasefire in early May, which stopped fighting in the Sadr City district of the Iraqi capital.

Iraqi and American troops had been engaged in an offensive there against Shia militiamen of the Mehdi Army, loyal to the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

But our correspondent adds that the overall trend of the violence since late last summer has been downwards.

He says the US troop "surge" was clearly a big factor, as was the trend within the Sunni community to turn against al-Qaeda and other Islamic militant groups.

The withdrawal of the additional US troops brought in last year for the surge is expected to be completed by July.