Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where's Our Congress?

“We will do something this week — but if we learned anything from right
after 9/11, it’s that the biggest mistake is to pass anything they ask
for just because it’s an emergency,” Leahy says.

Yes, it is a big mistake to improve the nation's economy speedily.  It as much a mistake as, say, passing a bill that would allow America to become more energy independent, before going on recess.  Is it any surprise that only 20% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing?

Now I am as big a fan of a reasonable solution to the economic crisis as the next guy.  I believe that too many elected officials stood still for too long.  Yet, is now the time to act slowly?  At a time when the nation is concerned with rising gas prices, the fall of the dollar, and collapse of major Wall Street firms, hesitance is not desirable.  It is time for Nancy Pelosi to finally accept that as the leader of the majority party, it is up to her to ensure that something be done.  Perhaps the Democrats could take a page out of the Republican play book and actually try to get something done for once. Nah, that would be asking too much...


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