Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Democrats Are Right

The front page of today's Politico features a story about Mr. Obama's race and how it seems to be becoming an issue in the campaign. However, the Politico states that,
"Many Democrats see the explicit discussion of race and politics as
almost unambiguously negative for Obama, a reminder to voters of
fraught questions of identity and a distraction from the economic
This is true. By bringing in the "concern" of color, the media is distracting the public from the real issues. Whatever one's argument may be against voting for Obama, it would be naive and, in fact, irresponsible to keep him out of office because of his skin. Granted, it is justifiable to argue that because he is black he may have had different life experiences, and as a result, a different outlook on the world. That being said, I think his varied experiences would be an advantage in his pursuit of the oval office. To begrudge someone the ability to lead not because of his ideas but because he (or she) does not fit the mold is wrong.

While it is impossible to ignore the fact that there are people who won't vote for Obama because he is not white, this is not a national problem. It is the problem of a minority of individuals who are incapable of looking past themselves. In the event that Mr. Obama does not get elected, it would be unfair - no, it would be untrue and demeaning - to argue that it was because his skin is dark. It would bolster the erroneous idea that blacks cannot succeed in this country. It would also undermine the high caliber of the presidential position.

If race becomes a major factor in this contest the nation will not benefit. Instead of being about leadership and original ideas, the competition for White House will have been diminished to a playground argument. While the media may prefer to talk about race, at a time when the economy is struggling and the nation is still at war, race is not of utmost concern. Let's stay on topic people!


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