Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Christmas Give The Gift of Death

This year you can give that special someone the gift they've just been ready to kill for. What could be better than seeing the beaming face of a happy almost-but-not-quite mom who has just freed herself from the awful burden of caring for another human being? Because I am so sure that the gift certificates that Planned Parenthood chapters in Indiana (and coming soon to a store near you: IL, NY, AK, and MI) are offering this season will bring insurmountable joy and holiday cheer to so many caring people, I strongly suggest that these delightful little gifts be purchased for all your friends and family.

Seriously though, what is wrong with these people!? Abortion, while sometimes necessary should not be thought of as a gift! It is true that there are other uses for these gift certificates aside from abortion, and to be sure, advocates of the certificates will use that as an argument in their defense. However, at a time when the moral ramifications of abortion are still under heavy debate (a debate that perhaps could be solved simply by turning to religion for the answer - though not guns in this case, sorry Obama) it would seem unwise and perhaps overtly political to advertise the use of abortion as a gift.

In such situations where an abortion is warranted it is important for the mother to understand that what she is doing is in fact okay. But it is okay - not because a business or lobbying group tells her it is - it is okay because she must act in such a fashion that protects her own health. (There are other situations, most notably rape where a valid argument could be made for abortion, however that brings about a whole new discussion that I won't get into here.) The use of abortion to simply avoid responsibility should NOT be allowed.

One final note: "pro-choice" advocates like to argue that because it is the woman's body it is her decision to make. What about the father? Does he have any say? After all, without him the mother would not even be dealing with the issue.


Clay said...

Sick isn't it? Apparently from what I have seen come out of Indiana, some of the lowest forms of life work for Planned Parenthood Indiana. If you don't believe me, watch the video I am posting on my blog just after midnight.

Stryd3r said...

I look forward to your video. In the meantime check out this one:

RightKlik said...

This is a serious PR faux pas. These people are certifiable. Yikes!

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