Monday, December 22, 2008

Person of the Year

TIME Magazine in its usual style, has pronounced Mr. Obama this year's "Person of the Year." Going so far as to chart how Obama is connected to every previous person of the year, TIME haughtily presents the president-elect as the American messiah. While Mr. Obama's victory is certainly historical, it was not his victory alone. Barrack alone did not win the elections, nor is he the one who has changed America's (perceived) past and present status as a racist nation.

The American people are the ones who deserve credit, they are the ones who turned out to vote and it was because of them that Obama won. While he certainly is now tasked with the responsibility of fixing this nations economic crisis (amongst others), Obama has not yet been tested. In fact, Barrack Obama has not made any major impact on policy during his obviously lengthy career in politics.


Clay said...

I found it interesting they chose to vary that communist looking political rhetoric picture that Obama used during the election for the cover. You would think they would want to get past the Obama rhetoric and present substance; perhaps, there is no substance.

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