Thursday, November 6, 2008

To All Those Who Think The GOP Is Over

It's not.  We've lost before.  True, the Grand Old Party has been the party of power for most of a decade, but it was also the party of power during the Reagan and Bush years.  Yes, we lost big.  But this will simply provide momentum and inspiration to grow our base and come back stronger than ever.  We are still the party of morals and a wish for a stronger America.  So unless one wants to argue that Americans no longer values morals and its safety and strength in the world, it's a safe bet that the Republicans will be back in power.  (Oh, and when people wake up to the harsh reality that socialism doesn't work they're gonna elect a Republican congress that will have the backbone to do what is right for the country.)


Clay Bowler said...

I am so tired of people feeling defeated. Let's be optimistic. This current financial crisis is a democratic mess. Now they have no one to point fingers at. It's been my experience in life that those who do for themselves, and we know which democrats I am talking about, fail to solve the problems of others. This could be a blessing just like Clintons win in 1992. Now, the downside of that is that obviously Clinton was somewhat conservative compared to the radical Obama.

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