Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gates To Stay

The decision to keep Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for another year is one of the best decisions the President-Elect has made so far.  In the years that Mr. Gates has held his post, he has constantly reminded the military of the need to adapt to the new method of warfare that must be employed in the Middle East.  Additionally, he has instituted an overhaul of weapons, calling for a new arsenal that can better equip the troops that will be called to service in these new altercations. 

Obama's willingness to keep Gates shows that Mr. Obama recognizes that in some areas at least change must wait.  This decision by Obama shows that he may indeed recognize that this war is actually a more prolonged and less definitively conclusive fight.  In fact, with Mr. Obama at the helm, it might be easier for those military leaders who recognize the need to update the armed forces, to do so.


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