Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Ketchup Candidate

The big news for the Obama campaign today was the additional campaign trail support of Teresa Heinz Kerry. Joining Michelle Obama in Pennsylvania, Kerry compared Mr. Obama to both of her husbands who won the election in that state.

In her statements today, standing beside Kerry, Mrs. Obama said that "she has seen how the bar for her husband has been consistently raised this year, and how he has met each of the challenges." I just want to take a moment to ask what challenges??? The media has been consistently soft on Obama. They let him brush aside his mentor of 20 years as being simply a "crazy uncle." Mr. Obama has not been challenged; his claim of restoring hope and change has been proven completely false. Mr. Obama has stooped to the level of Hillary in the name calling, the lying and the general disdain for the American people.


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