Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All Talk

In the same breath, Senator Obama today said that he wants to withdraw from Iraq and begin talks with Iran to mitigate what he perceives as being a declining situation in the area. Put aside for a minute the fact that immediate withdrawal from Iraq is not in America's best interests and will in fact cause harm to this country (as stated by Amb. Crocker and Gen. Petraeus). How does Mr. Obama plan to sit at a table with Iran - a nation that has publicly declared its intent to harm America and is a known sponsor of terrorism - while presenting an image of squeamishness about power.

It may indeed be necessary to talk to Iran; to tell them to cease their nuclear program. However, Mr. Obama is not the man to do this. He cannot expect to be taken seriously if he refuses to act as necessary. America and the United Nations has already threatened sanctions on Iran and Iran has responded with haughty laughter.

The leaders of Iran are not blind to the politics of America. They recognize that the American people hold tremendous power over the decisions of their elected leaders. The sheiks understand that more often than not the president will eventually bend to the will of the people, all that need be done is simply wait for America to lose its patience.

The leader that is needed now is not one who will listen to the voice of the people, but one who will do what is right for the people. To withdraw from Iraq sends the message that Iran is correct; pump money into terrorist groups, wait a little and poof, the politicians run home. Mr. Obama is such a politician. He is not going to follow through with his threats, nor does he present an image of power and strength - an image crucial to our survival as a nation.

In Obama, the leaders of Iran have found their savior. They will be allowed to create their weapons of terror for at least four years without having to worry about much more than a few empty threats.


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