Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pied Pipers

By Cal Thomas, New York Sun

When wants and needs are confused, desires become entitlements and politicians are afraid to tell people what they need to hear. Instead they tell them what they want to hear. Anger and envy result, as well as frustration with a political system that was not designed to indulge its citizens in their lusts or subsidize their greed. The economy isn't bad. We are bad for believing that more is better and the most is best. We have an abundance of things, but a deficit of character. The economy is a false god, a golden calf. When this false god doesn't deliver, we complain to politicians who are happy to accept our faith in them to give us what we want - if we will only pledge to them our allegiance at election time.


MCW said...

"We have an abundance of things"

Who is this "we" that you speak of? Certainly not those who've lost their jobs and can't pay for medical coverage. eh?

Also, does anyone claim that the economy is god?

Stryd3r said...

While I cannot speak for the author, I would assume that "we" refers to "Americans" who, in comparison to the rest of the world enjoy a historically high quality and standard of living. It is sad that Americans are losing jobs and cannot afford medical coverage, however the author is arguing that it is wrong to demand that the government solve all our problems. While I would agree that the government is responsible for protecting the well being of its citizens, it is wrong to blame the inability of individuals to provide for themselves on the government.

Also, I think you are taking the "god" line a little too literally. The author was using a dramatic metaphor to make his point.

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